The access process options available are indicated as follows:

  1. Portal – application is facilitated via a single application to DPUK
  2. Portal and cohort – application is facilitated by a combination of the DPUK online form and a cohort form/variable selection
  3. Cohort – application is facilitated directly with the cohort. Researchers can use the DPUK form to register their interest; DPUK facilitates the next steps
Data Status Cohort Institution Access Process Access Fee
Full data upload to portal ALSPAC (Parents) Bristol Portal Free
ALPSAC (Children) Bristol Portal Free
AMPLE Cambridge Portal Free
Airwave Imperial Portal Free
BDR Bristol Portal Free
BioFind Cambridge Portal Free
BRACE Bristol Portal Free
Cam-CAN Cambridge Portal and cohort Free
CamPaiGN Cambridge Portal Free
CaPS Bristol Portal Free
CFAS I Cambridge Portal Free
CFAS II Cambridge Portal Free
CFAS Wales Bangor Portal Free
Delphic UCL Portal Free
DFP pilot Oxford Portal Free
DPUK Synthetic Dataset Swansea Portal Free
ELSA UCL Portal Free
EPINEF Yonsei (RoK) Portal Free
Generation Scotland Edinburgh Portal Free
GERAD Cardif Portal Free
ICICLE-PD Newcastle Portal Free
NIMROD Newcastle Portal Free
OPDC Discovery Oxford Portal and cohort ees are not currently being charged to access OPDC data or samples. However, fees will come into effect in the next 12 months following a transition of samples and data to a new tissue bank. Please enquire for further details.
PICNICS Cambridge Portal Free
SleepQuest Bristol Portal Free
SMC Amyloid SMC Seoul (RoK) Portal Free
TRACK-HD UCL Portal Free
Data upload per project ACONF Bristol Portal and cohort Free
CODES King's College London Portal and cohort Free
DIAN UCL Cohort Free
ELSA Genomics UCL Cohort Please see ELSA's website
EPIC Norfolk Cambridge Portal and cohort Free
GENFI UCL Portal and cohort Free
Healthwise Wales Cardif Portal and cohort Free
LBC1936 Edinburgh Cohort Free
Memento Bordeaux Portal Free
Million Women Oxford Cohort Free
MRC NSHD 1946 UCL Portal and cohort Free
NICOLA Queen's University Belfast Portal and cohort Free
PREVENT Edinburgh Portal and cohort Free
PRIME Queen's University Belfast Cohort Free
PROTECT Exeter Portal and cohort Fee now applicable, please enquire for further details
SABRE UCL Portal and cohort Portal and cohort
UK Biobank Oxford Cohort £250-£2400 +VAT**
Whitehall II UCL Portal and cohort Free

** £250 admin fee and a variable amount for dataset preparation depending on size. See UK Biobank for details