This policy will define the data access policy in terms of stipulations of access to DPUK cohort and experimental medicine data and the procedure that is to be followed in order to gain access to DPUK data, subject to a successful application that has been bound by the necessary controls.

All bona fide researchers can use DPUK data for health-related research that is in the public interest. Researchers wishing to gain access to DPUK data must agree to the terms and conditions of the DPUK Data Access Agreement which governs use of DPUK data within the Data Portal.

A bona fide researcher is defined as being a person with professional expertise to conduct bona fide research; and who has a formal affiliation with a bona fide research organisation that requires compliance with appropriate research governance and management systems as described in the Data Access Agreement. PhD and student applications must list their sponsor/supervisor as the lead researcher and themselves as a researcher taking part in the study.