Welcome to the Data Portal

The DPUK Data Portal brings together records of over 3 million people in a free-to-access resource.

Researchers can identify which cohorts are relevant to them, apply for access to the data and then analyse it in a secure, remote environment complete with data linkage and analysis packages.

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Use the Cohort Matrix to quickly discover the cohort studies which collect the data that you need.

Search the Cohort Directory to get more detailed information on the data that interests you and compare the cohorts side-by-side.

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Apply for access to data from different cohort studies in a single application.

Receive a response to your data application in a target of 28 days and access data online in a target of 90 days if your application is approved.

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Secure, rapid access to a wealth of data

Built to an international information security standard, the Data Portal ensures that every participant's data is stored securely whilst also enabling bona fide researchers to access the information they need to advance our understanding of diseases like Alzheimer's.

By bringing together over 40 of the UK’s existing population studies, DPUK is creating the world’s largest study group for use in dementias research. Whole-body data on such large numbers of people brings enormous statistical power to studies about what happens to our bodies as we age, and the DPUK Data Portal gives researchers rapid access to this rich data.

  • Free to use
  • 28 day target application response
  • Over 40 cohorts
  • Over 3 million participants' records
  • Secure remote analysis environment
  • Pre-installed analytical software
  • Wide range of data types including imaging and genetics
  • Sophisticated data linkage service