Genomics data plays a pivotal role in dementia research, offering critical insights into the genetic factors contributing to the development and progression of these complex neurological disorders.

By analyzing large-scale genomics datasets, researchers can uncover novel genes and pathways involved in disease development, shedding light on the biological mechanisms underlying dementia and providing potential targets for therapeutic interventions. Furthermore, genomics data aids in identifying individuals at higher risk of developing dementia, facilitating early detection, personalized risk assessment, and the development of preventive strategies.

The integration of genomics data with other clinical and imaging datasets holds great promise in advancing our understanding of dementia, ultimately leading to improved diagnostic accuracy, targeted treatments, and better patient outcomes.

HPC Cluster

HPC Cluster Access

UKSeRP (our TRE platform) procured, installed and deployed a secure/accredited HPC cluster which is available to DPUK. The HPC cluster consists of 3 login nodes, 3 GPU nodes and 30 computer nodes. Running the latest AMD EPYC processors, NVMe drives and latest server hardware this gives users a total of 17T of RAM and 4000 CPU cores. The HPC cluster will enable users to access high performance computing for larger scale genomic and imaging analyses. This is an important milestone towards the establishment of High performance computing and associated software to enable multimodal data analysis.

HPC Cluster