1. Meet with the DPUK team

    Meet with the DPUK team to discuss how we can provide a secure research environment for the onwards sharing of your data

  2. Sign a Data Deposit Agreement*

    A legal agreement drawn up and signed by both parties detailing the specifics of the agreement

  3. Upload data

    Depending on the size of the data to be transferred there are two options for secure upload:

    1. Large Datasets (>10GB) – Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
      • SFTP is a network protocol for securely transferring large files and sensitive date across a network.
      • The SFTP connection will be established and credentials to enable a data provider to upload data will be created and shared securely with the data provider.
      • The data provider is then able to drop files into the SFTP where they are securely transferred to the DPUK servers.
    2. Password protected Owncloud folder (<10GB)
      • For smaller files a password protected Owncloud folder will be created.
      • The link for the folder will be emailed to the data provider and the password will be provided in a different email.
      • The data provider can then upload the data to the folder.
      • Once the data is uploaded a member of the DPUK team will retrieve the data and transfer it to the DPUK data portal.
    Never send data files via e-mail.
    E-mail is not sufficiently secure for transferring potentially sensitive personal information.
  4. Data held in our Trusted Research Environment*

    The data will be stored within our Trusted Research Environment which holds full ISO27001 and DEA accreditation. Your dataset will be given a DOI

  5. Data curation

    Data harmonised as per the c-surv ontology for use in our metadata exploration tools. See data curation process for more information

  6. Researchers apply for access

    Each application reveived will be triaged by our scientific team and technical team. The application is then assessed for approval by the selected governance model

  7. Research outputs generated

    As part of their agreement with DPUK researchers will reference the DOI in any research outputs allowing you to be able to track the impact of your data

*The process detailed is our standard process. We have accommodated many different data providers so please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.