To begin the process, complete the online application form. You will be asked which variables you require from which cohort as well as a scientific overview of your proposed project.

Your proposal is then circulated to the data guardians of the cohort data that you request access to.

The data guardians may ask you to clarify any parts of your application. The data guardian for each cohort will then approve or decline your request for data access. Decisions are expected within 28 days, but may vary depending on the access procedures of each cohort dataset.

Following a successful application, you are required to sign the DPUK Data Access Agreement (DAA). This will be signed by all parties prior to the release of data. Policies surrounding use of DPUK data can be found here.

You will then gain access to cohort data via a two-factor authentication, combining traditional username and password with Google Authenticator (an application that can be used on a mobile device to encrypt the password given to you). You will then be able to get started on your analysis of the data.

As the analysis platform is housed within a separate remote desktop, it will appear as a window on your personal host computer. Data cannot be downloaded from the analysis platform. Summary tables for the purposes of reporting may be downloaded following additional approval.