Dementia Platform UK Securely houses cohort datasets that have been provided for onward sharing by over 60 cohort studies. The DPUK Data Portal sits within the secure and highly accredited SeRP infrastructure that ensure that data is stored and processed to the highest standards and that data never leaves the platform.

The DPUK data portal operates an innovative data access process employing automated application processing underpinned by in built tracking and monitoring. This has allowed DPUK to offer data providers flexible multimodal governance structures that suit individual data providers.

Governance Models


Data is fully deposited with DPUK with access control passed to the DPUK access committee. This allows DPUK to approve project applications on behalf of the data provider following criteria set by the cohort owner.

Primary - Restricted

Data is deposited with DPUK and data access control remains with the data provider. The data provider reviews data access applications and approval decisions reside with them.

Project Specific

Data is not deposited with DPUK. Applications a received via the DPUK data portal, Applications are reviewed by the data provider and if approved a project specific subset of the data is uploaded to the data portal for use by that project and not for onward sharing.

Internal Only

Data is deposited within DPUK in a cohort restricted folder that can only be accessed by the cohort and their collaborators with access to all DPUK software via the virtual environments. This is a good option for cohorts that are not ready to onward share data but wish to collaborate with other organisations in a secure environment.