DPUK are dedicated to the involvement of the public into all aspects of DPUK. We understand the importance of public engagement for qualitative research, involving the public at an early stage demonstrates that the research being undertaken is both ethically sound and in the public interest. The Research Ethics Committees look favourably upon such proposals that incorporate these key areas into the research.

The DPUK Data Portal has partnered with SAIL Databank to enable DPUK researchers to utilise SAIL's Consumer Panel, taking both resource and financial burden away from individual researchers.

The Panel meet 4-5 times annually and researchers can book a 1hr slot with the panel to discuss, present and gain feedback on their research. The panel can be utilised at any point of their journey, be it at the beginning of their study to gain feedback on their research question and planning, during the study process or at the dissemination of findings and publication stage.

Who make up the Consumer Panel?

The consumer panel is made up of 16 members aged between 20-70 who mostly live in Wales and come from diverse backgrounds.
Their role is multifaceted, they can:
  • Review information from a lay perspective
  • Discuss your potential research questions and plans
  • Offer guidance on best practices for engaging with the public
  • Act as advisors on issues in research
  • Support queries on data protection
  • Acting as advocates for data linkage research
  • Offering Guidance on how to recruit people to study steer groups

Researchers who use Consumer Panels run better studies because:

  • they are more relevant to participants
  • they are designed in a way which is acceptable to participants
  • they have participant information which is understandable to participants
  • they provide a better experience in research
  • they have better communication of results to participants at the end of the study

To apply for an audience with the panel please contact DPUK Data Portal Administrator Catrin Morris catrin.morris@swansea.ac.uk