The DPUK Genetics portal provides a collaborative platform for individuals, DPUK cohorts and the wider research community to share and access research outputs from genetic research.

The platform provides two key tools for finding, sharing and analysing genetic data; the Results Registry and Genetic Data Browser.

The DPUK Genetics portal was built in collaboration with Digital Health Labs Limited, an innovative research and technology consultancy based in Cardiff, South Wales.

multiline_chart Results Registry

The Results Registry tool allows searching and uploading of genetic results data. This tool provides a rich set of search tools specific to genetic data and includes visualisation using the popular JBrowse genomic browser. This tool will allow users to share this data. This can be done under secure data transfer agreements if necessary.

Gain secure access to the Genetics Platform tools by registering for a Data Portal account.

Results Registry launch

dashboard Genetic Data Browser

The Genetic Data Browser is available exclusively through the virtual desktop environment. This will allow users to create cross-cohort comparison studies based on genotypic datasets and linked phenotypic data. This tool provides an interactive dashboard which can pull in phenotypic data and genetic markers from GWAS data and allow users to intuitively explore, combine and export patient cohorts.

Users must have completed a successful data access application form to gain access to the Genetic Data Browser

Genetic Data Browser launch